After watching Mr Bates v the Post Office I think it is impossible not to feel massive anger for all those innocent members of the Post Office's own staff that were humiliated, made criminals and had their lives destroyed! 

How was it remotely possible that the Post Office hierarchy got away with this closed-shop blindness to the truth? 

Even when the Horizon system was failing before their very eyes they chose to blame and accuse their loyal staff and even got them jailed and prosecuted when they were completely innocent. 

This was allowed to continue despite the mounting evidence against their faulty system, no one and especially [Paula] Vennells the CEO had the guts to say stop they can't all be wrong.

I hope our MP is helping to ensure these innocent people are all cleared and properly compensated, this is a disgrace on every level. 

How was it not dealt with correctly? It's time for the Post Office to be opened up and become a National service so this kind of huge cover-up can never happen again. 

Richard Mogg