A RUG was stolen from a horse's back overnight and its owner has asked anyone with information to come forward.

Gerry Dunne, owner of Grovely Riding Centre in Water Ditchampton, was travelling to Shaftesbury when she realised one of her horses was missing its rug.

She believes it was taken off the back of the horse overnight on Monday, December 11.

This is just one example of several recent thefts from nearby yards, according to the riding school.

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Rugs have been stolen from the backs of riding school ponies grazing in fields overnight and Gerry is keen to hear from anyone who has seen anything suspicious.

Gerry said: "It's like stealing a pair of secondhand shoes. They're dear to replace but worth nothing to sell."

Grovely Riding Centre also warned that the impact of removing rugs from horses in icy temperatures "could be catastrophic".

Anyone with information who may be able to help is asked to contact owners Gerry Dunne and Sue Curtis on 07787 249522.

Wiltshire Police has been contacted for more information.