After reading the Journal article regarding the increase coming our way in council tax, perhaps you would ask Salisbury Council why they deem it necessary to increase council tax a further eight per cent?

It would be interesting to know what they are spending this money on.

After being hit with a ridiculous 10 per cent increase last year, I am struggling to see what positive impact this has had in Salisbury or the surrounding areas.

For example, the road surfaces around the area our at the worst I have ever seen them.

Perhaps the tax increase is helping them overspend on the ridiculous River Park scheme or the chaotic mess of Fisherton Street.

I just struggle to see any positives that Salisbury Council has done for the area in the last few years.

A further increase in council tax will simply add to the pressure of the cost of living crisis. Being a homeowner with a small family, in which my partner and I work full time to keep up with the increasing mortgage and utility bill costs, I do not see this increase coming at a good time for families.

Matt Farmer

Stanley Little Road,


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