A NEW novel by the 'Eye in the Sky' film advisor is partially set at Porton Down and follows a brilliant but introverted programmer who is thrust into a world of government intrigue and technological warfare.

Author Christopher Lincoln-Jones was a military officer for twenty-five years and a reservist for fifteen.

His novel DR Moore’s Automaton considers a critical issue of modern life delving into the complex web of responsibility involved in the development of autonomous vehicles, and the human toll of technological advancement.

Salisbury Journal: Christopher Lincoln-GuildChristopher Lincoln-Guild (Image: The Book Guild)

He said: “I advised on the film Eye in the Sky and had been part of the Birmingham University Conflict Resolution Group as a SME. The report they wrote has a section on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) stating that there would always be a “Human in the Loop”. I doubt this will be true.

“At the party after the film premiered, the Director and Screenwriter asked me what the next “thing” would be. I replied, “LAWS”. Having explained what it meant, they said they’d direct and write the film. That started the long process of research and writing that culminated in Dr Moore’s Automaton.”

Salisbury Journal: New novel byChris Lincoln-JonesNew novel byChris Lincoln-Jones (Image: The Book Guild)

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Protagonist Craig Moore is needed by officials to assist them in their attempts to automate a recently developed tank, but Craig’s brilliance leads to his exploitation on both sides of the Atlantic, however, when his machines are used to exact vengeance on a terrorist group, the terrible, unexpected consequences, and the subsequent political fallout, leave officials looking for a scapegoat.

Dr Moore’s Automation is due to be published on Sunday, January 28.