SALISBURY City Council has said it has "no intention" of closing a block of city centre public toilets.

The council has dismissed "rumours" that the toilets in Market Place would be closing permanently.

This reassurance comes after the Journal received a letter from Verwood man Robin Wrigley who claimed an attendant told him the council "was to do away with the downstairs toilet facilities".

Rather than closing the toilets, the council is finding ways to improve the cleanliness of the area through a refurbishment which is due to take place over the next two years.

A spokesperson for Salisbury City Council said: "The Administration leaders are currently looking at ways that the cleanliness and service can be improved and when the budget to refurbish these facilities is found any changes will be subject to public consultation."

In April 2023, a Salisbury visitor was left feeling outraged at the "disgusting" state of the Market Place toilets.

Salisbury Journal: Michael Murphy said the toilets were long overdue for a complete renewal.Michael Murphy said the toilets were long overdue for a complete renewal. (Image: Michael Murphy)

Michael Murphy, from Broughton, photographed the discoloured floor below the urinals and said: "It tells us that the city has learned nothing from the pandemic.

"How the council persuades anyone even to go to it to clean the place is a mystery."

People can contact the council to report a problem with the toilets by emailing