A PIPE burst and sprayed out sewage into a former RAF base for more than two weeks before it was fixed.

The pressurised sewage pipe was first seen leaking on Christmas Eve when residents reported it to landowners of Chilmark Estate.

Gary Rumble, at Chilmark Estates, explained how the estate manager thought it was a water supply pipe but, as days passed, none of the properties lost water.

It later transpired that the pipe was carrying sewage and a report was lodged with Wessex Water on January 11.

Salisbury Journal: Sewage sprayed out of this pipe for more than two weeks.Sewage sprayed out of this pipe for more than two weeks. (Image: Contributed)

Mr Rumble said it wasn't a pipe Chilmark Estates had control over but something that needed to be fixed "as quickly as possible".

The sewage had sprayed out of a small hole in the pipe and froze on the surrounding foliage.

A Wessex Water spokesperson said: “A pinhole-sized leak was found in a sewerage pipe which created a spray, as the pipe operates under pressure.

“This was fixed within hours of being reported, with no impact on the environment or any sewage debris released.”