MEASURING 16cm in height and weighing just three kilograms – does the UK’s smallest chihuahua belong to a Ringwood family?

Bella, an Applehead Teacup Chihuahua, has been a member of the Venables family for nearly three years.

Her diddy size has seen her become a well-known member of the Ringwood community, with many people stopping to say hello.

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Emma Venables said: “She goes with me everywhere. She’s famous around Ringwood. I go into the shop and people say, ‘hi Bella’.

Salisbury Journal: BellaBella (Image: NQ)

“It’s funny because if I don’t have her, they don’t recognise me.

“People say they have never seen a dog like her. I don’t think I have seen a dog as small as Bella.”

The family got Bella from a breeder in Ringwood, wanting a small dog that could join them at work and on outings.

They realised their four-legged friend was unique when the rest of her litter grew to size and she stayed put.

Salisbury Journal: Emma with BellaEmma with Bella (Image: NQ)

Emma Venables said: “She was from a litter, and she was the same size as all of them when they were born.

“I still bump into [the breeder] now, and he says how tiny she is, because the others are quite a bit bigger.”

“She quite unique.”

It was Emma’s son, Jack, who suggested their pet could actually be the smallest in the UK after seeing a news article which gave another Chihuahua the title.

Jack said: “That dog was 8.5 inches in height, which is about 20cm. Bella is 16cm in height so she’s smaller.”

Salisbury Journal: BellaBella (Image: NQ)

But despite her unique size, Bella has been confirmed as healthy - although she will not be able to have puppies because of it.

She also refuses to be bossed around or treated like a handbag dog.

Emma said: “When we got her I thought I’d be able to dress her up, but she doesn’t like wearing jumping she turns away if there’s an outfit. She’s really fussy and she’s got a bit of an attitude.

“She has a huge appetite too. You wouldn’t think it – she weighs three kilograms.”