DITCHES near a junction that was left flooded for more than one month have been cleared as part of a temporary measure to combat disruption.

Wiltshire Council had previously come under fire as part of Milford Mill Road filled with water and drivers were seen forcing themselves through mis-timed traffic lights.

On Tuesday, January 16, council workers were spotted cleaning the gullies and removing debris from the ditch adjacent to the junction yet the success of these remedial works depends on the river level.

In the meantime, Wiltshire Council is working on a longer-term solution which can be implemented once the River Bourne's level drops to allow access.

Salisbury Journal: Council workers dug up the adjacent ditches on Milford Mill Road.Council workers dug up the adjacent ditches on Milford Mill Road. (Image: David Lovibond)

David Lovibond, chair of the Milford Area Preservation Group, had been lobbying the council to take action after numerous residents reported the problem to him.

He said: "We are grateful to Wiltshire Highways engineers for responding so thoroughly to the severe flooding problems experienced along Milford Mill Road.

“Unfortunately, such is the level of the groundwater that the newly dug ditches are already brimming and sections of the road are flooding again."

Salisbury Journal: Milford Mill Road was closed while it was badly flooded.Milford Mill Road was closed while it was badly flooded. (Image: Newsquest)

The Journal understands a larger scheme is planned to be carried out by the council's drainage team in March.

"Regular inundation of the road is a decades-long problem which severely tests the patience of residents - a problem compounded by huge increases in traffic volumes in recent years -  I hope we’re not being naïve in trusting that an end may be in sight," Mr Lovibond added.

Councillor Caroline Thomas, Cabinet Member for transport, said: “We’ve carried out temporary drainage works to partially clear the gullies and adjacent ditch of debris to alleviate flooding on Milford Mill Road. Not all of the water has cleared the carriageway, so the success of these works and our ability to reopen the road is dependent on the river level, which is currently still high.

“We’re working on a longer term solution to alleviate flooding events on this road which will be implemented once water levels have dropped, allowing safe access to carry out the works.

"However, it is important to remember we cannot fully prevent flooding in areas that fall within flood zones such as this road, and we are reliant on individuals, including landowners, to help us alleviate flooding across Wiltshire and mitigate impacts when it does occur."

Advice is available at Wiltshire.gov.uk/article/986/Flooding.