WILTSHIRE's Police Crime Commissioner has identified a "priority" site for a new police station.

Two main choices have been identified as potential sites to build a new police station for Salisbury, with one confirmed as the preferred option. 

The two sites are located at Old Sarum and High Post, with the Old Sarum site being the preferred option for PCC Philip Wilkinson.

In a statement to the Journal, Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson said: “Both the Chief Constable and I are committed to delivering a bespoke Southern Policing Hub for the south of the county. Bourne Hill in its current format is not fit-for-purpose and we both agree that a dedicated policing hub would be beneficial – vastly contributing to Making Wiltshire Safer."

Speaking to BBC Radio Wiltshire on Thursday, January 18, PCC Wilkinson said: "The big advantage of Old Sarum is that it would give us if we can complete the negotiation, six acres, which gives us the option of having a custody suite, now that's my number one priority, [and] the chief's number one priority.

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In his statement to the Journal, PCC Wilkinson said: “I would like to reassure the public that despite the apparent lack of progress in the public domain, work continues in the background. I am deeply frustrated by this slow progress, but if I push too hard and contradict the planning process by trying to apply timelines then I could crash the negotiations completely.

“At this stage the budget does not take into account a custody unit, but we have ensured any potential locations are flexible so they are future proof for policing in the south. Any decisions taken will be in-line with operational advice from the Chief Constable and my team continue to actively explore several site options which includes land at Old Sarum and at High Post.”

The PCC has also announced that the current shared facility in Salisbury is not fit for purpose. Options have been considered alongside the business requirement. This Strategy includes £19.884m for a large southern hub and touchdowns. This figure does not include the provision of a custody unit. Current operational advice suggests this is not required and would not offer value for money however we are looking to ensure the site layout is flexible so a custody can be added in future years if the business case is proved. During the next 12 months further work will occur which will lead to firmer costs for planning purposes.

Speaking to the BBC, PCC Wilkinson said: "So we are really really pushing for the site that is our priority which is at Old Sarum."

PCC WIlkinson was questioned as to whether he overcommitted with pledges he made at the start of his tenure, regarding a new police station, he said: "Firstly, I would say in every commitment other than a southern hub, I have overachieved on my commitments in terms of delivering the police and crime plan.

"But yes I have underachieved if you like in terms of achieving, buying, purchasing and finding a site for us to build a station for the south of the county.

"It's a really tricky balance, I wish I could give people a timescale because as a resident of Wiltshire and as a PCC I want a police hub in the south of the county, I want the police to deliver in the way they know they can and they want to, so I ak pushing but I cannot give you a timescale or tell you how long this is going to take."