Salisbury Railway Station has been chosen as the first station in the country to trial a new air-purification device to combat the effects of pollution.

The Pluvo Column, placed on platform four of the station, monitors and removes harmful pollutants from the air using advanced air filtration technology.

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The air purification totem also features a QR code and phone number that allows customers to interact via text message with South Western Railway’s (SWR) pigeon mascot, Wesley Peck, to learn more about the new technology.

Jessica Van Staden, South Western Railway’s senior sustainability manager, said: “This partnership with Pluvo is very important to us as we investigate and trial new ways of improving our customers’ journeys. The results of the Pluvo Column trial at Salisbury could have far-reaching effects on how we improve air quality in our stations as well as in other public spaces.

“We would like to encourage customers at the station to use the Column’s chat feature to give us their opinion on the trial and whether they would like to see it extended to other SWR stations.”