I have read many letters both for and against concerning the Stonehenge Tunnel. I've travelled the A303 many times and like others been caught up in slow-moving traffic in both directions, especially between Longbarrow and Countess roundabout.

Aside from the two-into-one lane obvious problem caused by the sharp elbow brigade charging down the outside lane to get ahead, the other is traffic slowing to video or photograph the stones as they pass by. 

Yes, the road between those roundabouts needs to be a dual-carriageway, along with diverting around Winterbourne Stoke.

If I remember correctly, the original claim by National Highways was to shorten the time to travel from east to west by an amazing 12 minutes. But... only once all six or eight major road projects along the A303 were completed! Some haven't even got funding, others haven't got through planning.

The recent rain has caused huge problems, not least to those who have been flooded in Salisbury. I've watched with interest Keir building the Riverpark "flood defences", particularly next to the Central Car Park. I've often wondered as it developed if the rapids we now have were up to the job. Probably not.

With that in mind, can we really look forward to a tunnel 40 meters deep? 

Philip Corp makes exactly the same suggestions that I've been writing to John Glen about for years!

English Heritage appears to object to everything but a vastly expensive tunnel that we will have to pay for. It won't stop at £1.75bn.  Judging by HS2 costs it's likely to be nearer £5bn. And then there's the 1.25m tonnes of (specially dried) chalk wherever it ends up. From my gardening knowledge, grassland will not grow on bare chalk. There needs to be some topsoil and the effect that grazing animals have for the plants/seeds to grow.

And what will happen if the project gets abandoned unfinished?

Has enough research been done into the effect of a huge tunnel upon the aquifer, and our world-renowned chalk streams?

Then there's the archaeology at Blick Mead, has that had the attention it deserves?

The whole idea of a tunnel is ridiculous. It's a waste of money that we simply haven't got.

Robin Wrigley suggests moving the stones elsewhere- what a brilliant idea. I know what English Heritage will say to that!

Jayne Hurst,


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