A BRIDGE which a school bus driver crashed into will be closed to traffic for 15 days, Wiltshire Council has announced.

A Salisbury Reds driver hit the parapet of Ford Lane Bridge on January 8 and police closed the road while the 675 bus from Amesbury was recovered.

The bridge has since been inspected and temporary warning signs as well as a steel barrier have been erected around the damaged area.

Wiltshire Council said further repairs are necessary which would include removing debris from the watercourse, erecting a temporary scaffold and casting new concrete sections.

The parapet will be rebuilt like for like and the bridge's appearance will be unaltered.

Ford Lane Bridge will be closed for 15 days to allow for these works to take place.

Salisbury Journal: Ford Lane Bridge was damaged.Ford Lane Bridge was damaged. (Image: Ford Parish Council)

The council intends to start these works on April 2 to coincide with the school holidays if all the necessary permissions are sought in time.

David Newton, Salisbury Reds operations manager, previously told the Journal: "A Salisbury Reds bus was involved in a minor collision on Monday morning (January 6). 

"The bus slid to the right as the driver negotiated an icy road in Spire View, Ford. There was some damage to the bus and to a wall. 

“There were passengers on board at the time but nobody was injured."