On Tuesday morning I saw that a car had veered off the icy road and was in a ditch down an embankment off the Portway just beyond the Winterbourne roundabout.

I had no way of knowing when this accident had happened so I stopped in the next layby and rang the Wiltshire Police telephone number to report the incident.

After waiting for approximately 10 minutes the call was interrupted with deafening interference. I then dialled 999 who put me through (I think) to the same Wiltshire number.

Exactly the same deafening interference occurred. I rang 999 again and experienced the same interference but now on the emergency line. 

A 999 operator called me back with the same result. I then drove to the Salisbury police station (by this time very late for an interview) and managed to find a police officer in the car park who reassured me that they did know about this incident and were dealing with it.

Why was it so difficult to report the incident and should this problem with the interference on the telephone lines be investigated further?

E. J. Mathias-Jones


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