I recently asked the following questions to Wiltshire Council.

Readers of the Salisbury Journal might be interested in the replies.

Question: Could you please let me know the capital cost to the council of construction of the Nadder Centre Tisbury?

Council answer: The total spend was £7,947.574.36

Question: Does this sum involve any loan or grant made to the council?

Council answer: This capital spend for this scheme was approved to be funded by borrowing.

Question: What is the current annual cost to the council of providing the services at the Nadder Centre? 

Council answer: £418,940.

Question: What is the current annual income from subscriptions, rent and other receipts?

Council answer: £208,284.65.

My thoughts are that the capital cost represented here with its associated annual loss of £210,655.35  (plus the unidentified interest payment on the loan) would put a private company to ridicule.

This capital cost could have funded say four swimming pools. This capital cost could have funded a free council tax windfall for all the people of Tisbury for say 10 or 20 years? 

I love going to the gym at The Nadder Centre. It's often near deserted so I have the run of all the machines. Thank you people of Wiltshire, and particularly those of Tisbury who are funding me.

Sam Lowings


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