THESE planning applications were received by Wiltshire Council from January 22 to 28.


PL/2024/00625 - Works to a Listed Building: Elcombe House, Elcombe Lane, SP5 5LF.

Proposal: Application of protective three-coat hydraulic lime render to solid greensand stone south gable wall, to protect from wind-driven water ingress.

Overhaul of existing bronze casement windows within new oak frames. New lead flashings/weatherings to lean-to roof and copings. Re-pointing of brick chimney and gable copings.


PL/2024/00444 - Grimsdyke Field, Land south of A354 Blandford Road, Coombe Bissett, SP5 5RF. 

Proposal: Renewal of planning application PL/2021/06272 for continued use of the land for the exercise and day care of dogs including the stationing of a moveable field shelter.


PL/2024/00797 - Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. Address: Winterbourne House, The Street, Chilmark, Salisbury, SP3 5AU. Proposal: 1 - Robinia tree - cut back branches overhanging into Laburnum Cottage to boundary. 2 - Conifer tree - cut back branches overhanging into Laburnum Cottage to boundary. 3 - Alder tree - cut back branches overhanging into Laburnum Cottage to boundary.

PL/2024/00466 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: Manor Farm, Chilmark, Salisbury, SP3 5AF. Proposal: Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) on PL/2023/00101 to allow for external changes to the building and works within the surrounding application site.

Clarendon Park

PL/2024/00416 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: The Old Chalk Pit, Gypsy Lane, Petersfinger, Salisbury, SP5 3PA. Proposal: Variation of conditions 1, 2, 3 and 12 and removal of conditions 6, 7, 8, 13 and 14 on PL/2021/11645.

Compton Chamberlayne

PL/2024/00529 - Householder Application. Address: Rose Cottage, High street, Compton Chamberlayne, Salisbury, SP3 5DB. Proposal: Proposed single storey rear infill extension.

Coombe Bissett

PL/2024/00603 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/00548 - Householder Application. Address: Box Cottage, Lower Road, Homington, Salisbury, SP5 4NG. Proposal: Removal of block internal walls to create open plan kitchen, new rear porch link, new garage doors and new shower room at first floor.


PL/2024/00600 - Householder Application. Address: Standlynch House, Witherington Road, Downton, Salisbury, SP5 3QR. Proposal: Proposed Hardwood Orangery on West Elevation.


PL/2024/00500 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Land adjacent Flint Cottage, Netton, Salisbury, SP4 6AW. Proposal: Demolish existing garages, erect two storey detached cottage with relocated access and new package treatment plant to serve both existing and new dwelling (resubmission of PL/2023/07570).

PL/2024/00446 - Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. Address: The Round House, Netton, Salisbury, SP4 6AW. Proposal: Fell Five Yew trees.


PL/2024/00694 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Rear Of Newhaven, Larkhill Road, Durrington. Proposal: Change of use of land and building adjoining Newhaven, Larkhill Road, Durrington from a vehicle repair workshop to a mixed use of a vehicle repair workshop. and for the storage and distribution of logs.

PL/2024/00675 - Householder Application. Address: 132 Bulford Road, Durrington, Salisbury, SP4 8EX. Proposal: Proposed first floor rear extension.

PL/2024/00445 - Householder Application. Address: Treetops, Larkhill Road, Durrington, Salisbury, SP4 8DP. Proposal: Modernisation and thermal upgrade of Treetops, to convert the roof at both the front and rear from hip to gable roof, to include two new dormers and a small extension to the rear. Existing flat roof on the garage to be renewed.


PL/2024/00570 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: The Laurels, High Street, Hindon, Salisbury, SP3 6DR. Proposal: Replacement painted timber windows.


PL/2024/00759 - Works to a Protected Tree. Address: Cuckoo Pen, Winterslow Road, Porton, Salisbury, SP4 0LF. Proposal: Tree works as per Specification of tree works attached to this application.

PL/2024/00494 - Householder Application. Address: 8 Southbourne Close, Porton, Salisbury, SP4 0NW. Proposal: Rear extension to form new Living Room to ground floor with additional 4th Bedroom to roof space. Internal alterations to existing bungalow to create additional GF bathroom and revised 3rd Bedroom. New vehicle access to highway to form additional off-road parking.


PL/2024/00268 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Greenacres, Stock Lane, Landford, Salisbury, Sp5 2EW. Proposal: Erection of an agricultural building for storage of hay, tractors and live stock.

Laverstock and Ford

PL/2024/00509 - Householder Application. Address: 56 Burden Drive, Bishopdown, Salisbury, SP1 3RD. Proposal: Conversion of garage into laundry area and gym and shower room and toilet.

PL/2024/00102 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: Hangar 3, Lancaster Road, Old Sarum, Salisbury, SP4 6DZ. Proposal: Repair and Refurbishment of Hangar 3. Including repair / replacement of damaged or missing trusses and reroof hangar with a standing seam roof. Repairs / rebuilding will also be carried out to the walls, doors, floor, clerestory windows and rooflights in materials to match existing.

Newton Tony

PL/2024/00793 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/00567 - Householder Application. Address: Kerry Cottage, 3, Newton Tony, Salisbury, SP4 0HA. Proposal: Single storey rear extension to enlarge Dining Room. Enlarged window to rear elevation (Kitchen).


PL/2024/00648 - Householder Application. Address: Uplands, Downton Hill, Morgans Vale, Redlynch, Salisbury, SP5 2JF. Proposal: Proposed replacement 2 storey bay window & front porch to improve external appearance.


PL/2024/00680 - Advertisement Consent and PL/2024/00400 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: 19-21 Old George Mall, Salisbury, SP1 2AF. Proposal: External signage to be replaced with new.

PL/2024/00627 - Works to a Protected Tree. Address: 5 Netheravon Road, Salisbury, SP1 3BJ. Proposal: Silver Birch tree – fell.

PL/2024/00594 - Outline Planning Permission. Address: Land to the rear of 118-124 Westwood Road, Bemerton Heath, Salisbury, SP2 9HR. Proposal: Outline application with some matters reserved for erection of 2 x dwellings with associated parking and landscaping (access and layout only).

PL/2024/00583 - Householder Application. Address: 5 Roberts Road, Salisbury, SP2 9BT. Proposal: Proposed Two Storey extension and Alterations (Resubmission of PL/2023/06989).

PL/2024/00580 - Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use. Address: Church House, 99 Crane Street, Salisbury. Proposal: Certificate of Lawfulness to demonstrate that there have been three residential units within the southern wing of Church House, 99 Crane Street, Salisbury for a period greater than 4 years.

PL/2023/11002 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Land to the North West of Fugglestone Red and Bemerton Heath, Salisbury. Proposal: Installation of Air Source Heat Pumps to flats (Plots 867- 875 & 899-907 of planning permission PL/2022/07678).


PL/2024/00432 - Works to a Protected Tree. Address: Ashwick House, Upper Backway, Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4DE. Proposal: T1 Beech tree, crown reduce up to 3m reduction due to heavy lean & station to encroach onto neighbouring trees.

PL/2023/11125 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Land North of A303, Winterbourne Stoke, Salisbury, SP3 4ET. Proposal: Engineering works associated with the creation of a replacement of a breeding plot.


PL/2024/00564 - Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. Address: The Rectory, Park Road, Tisbury, Salisbury, SP3 6LF. Proposal: T1 Portugese Laurel - Remove dead stem.. T2 Dead Holly - Fell by section. Chip and remove rushwood. . T3 Dead Elm - Fell by section and remove from site.. T4 Yew - Cut back canopy over footpath to within 1m of boundary fence.. T5 Boundary group - Cut back Western Red Cedar and Yew in line with boundary fence. Coppice Hazel to 1m. Cut back Portugese Laurel (beyond Yew) back in line with boundary fence. Trim all other vegetation back to fenceline.


PL/2024/00646 - Householder Application. Address: 56 Highlands Way, Whiteparish, Salisbury, SP5 2SZ. Proposal: Proposed 2 Storey Rear Extension, Replacement Fenestration to Existing & Associated Landscaping.


PL/2023/10578 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Cuckoo Cafe, 2 Silver Street, Wilton, Salisbury, SP2 0HX. Proposal: Installation of a commercial kitchen extraction/ventilation system with external ducting fitted to the rear elevation of the property.

Winterbourne Stoke

PL/2024/00495 - Householder Application. Address: Scotland Lodge Farm, Winterbourne Stoke, Salisbury, SP3 4TF. Proposal: Proposed demolition of conservatory and construction of two storey extension; new entrance porch; minor raising room to entrnace area; construction of stair enclsure to provide cellar access.


PL/2024/00505 - Householder Application. Address: Newlyn, Tytherley Road, Winterslow, Salisbury, SP5 1PZ. Proposal: Internal alterations and erection of a two storey extension to southern elevation with a balcony overlooking the garden. Erection of a new triple carport with storage above. The driveway will be increased to provide a better parking arrangement.