Wilton Place Care Home in Wilton recently welcomed two alpacas into the home.

The Alpacas, named 'Liquorice' and 'Spartan Warrior', spent time in the home visiting residents in both communities- Residential and Memory Lane, as well as the home’s bistro and even ventured into the residents’ bedrooms.

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Wendy Williams, from Alpaca Adventure near Shaftesbury, was full of alpaca facts and told the residents all about the boys’ eating habits, fleeces, temperament and characters.

Antoinette Roberts, Wilton Place’s home manager, said: “It’s well known that animal therapy has the ability to enhance someone’s quality of life and can have ongoing physical benefits.

“They say the excitement of pet therapy can boost residents’ activity levels, and it certainly did. Our residents loved stroking and petting the animals. It was such a treat to have Wendy and the boys in our home. The animals were adorable and so patient, and who knew alpacas can climb the stairs?”