A MUM who is "sick of her kids being poorly" has told of her frustrating two-year battle with mould and silverfish in her council house.

Cheryl Lowe believes her home is not fit for anyone to live in, let alone her three young children.

Miss Lowe, 31, said she is concerned about her four-year-old son's health as he has suffered from five colds in the last eight weeks. Her two girls, aged two and 18 months, have also been affected.

She moved into the house in Gainsborough Close, Bemerton Heath, two years ago so that her partner Sam Priest, 36, could be closer to his new job at In-Excess.

Salisbury Journal: Black mould has spread to the furniture.Black mould has spread to the furniture. (Image: Cheryl Lowe)

The house was a "mess" with mould, torn wallpaper and cracks along the walls when Miss Lowe moved in.

She said: "They should not have put anyone in here in the first place.

"It is not just a little bit of mould, it's from one end of the maisonette to the other end."

Mum Nicola Lees agreed, adding: "You would not put a dog in this house."

Black mould has spread into Miss Lowe's children's bedrooms and she has seen silverfish crawling along the floor as well as bugs growing out of the damp patches.

Salisbury Journal: Mould is growing throughout the house.Mould is growing throughout the house. (Image: Cheryl Lowe)

Miss Lowe has been back and forth with Wiltshire Council to get the problems rectified but claims all she was told was that someone would come out to paint over the mould.

"It has been a two-year battle and we're not getting anywhere. It's making me stressed because I am sick of my kids being poorly," she said.

The couple had just one week to find somewhere to live in Salisbury while Miss Lowe was heavily pregnant with her daughter.

While they would like to move elsewhere now that Mr Priest has found a different job, Miss Lowe is worried about facing a long waiting list.

Councillor Phil Alford, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We have been made aware of the mould issues in the property and have been working with the tenant and our contractors for some time to resolve the problem.

"We have experienced some delays with certain contractors and therefore some of the treatment works have taken longer than we would have expected.

“We remain in contact with the tenant and have further improvement works planned in the near future to treat the mould and improve ventilation to the property.”