A man and woman from Wilton have had more than £20k seized at Dover after failing to convince law enforcement that the money was earned legally.

Nicolae Mustafa, 38, and Sabina Curt, 35, had £20,280 in cash seized from them as they attempted to depart from the UK at the Port of Dover on Thursday, November 3, 2022 after officers interviewed them about their finances and remained doubtful as to the source of the money.

The money was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and an investigation was launched by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, who made a successful application for the money to be forfeited on the grounds it was likely to have been obtained through unlawful conduct.

The application for the forfeiture of the money was granted by Medway Magistrates’ Court following a hearing on Wednesday, January 31.

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Detective Inspector David Godfrey of the Economic Crime Unit said: “While the individuals involved in this case were never arrested or charged with any criminal offences, they were unable to persuade the court that the £20,280 cash in their possession had been earned through legitimate and lawful means.

“The Proceeds of Crime Act allows officers to seize cash and goods when they are not satisfied with the evidence provided, pending further enquiries by our highly-skilled team of financial investigators. Such action allows us to prevent people making a living from illegal activity and potentially helping to fund other types of serious and organised criminality.”