I don’t read about it but hear quite often people moaning about the NHS.

Well, on Friday January 26, I felt unwell. 

My wife telephoned Whiteparish Surgery and an appointment was made for 12am. I attended, had the usual checks and then asked if I would mind going to Salisbury Hospital. 

Salisbury Journal:

I said no. I thought going into hospital would not probably happen until the Monday as the weekend was approaching. 

Meanwhile, the doctor had gone to consult another colleague. On her return she asked if I could get to the hospital now - an appointment has been made immediately. My wife drove me in. 

After a while We found the assessment department for respiratory where we were greeted by a lot of young NHS workers doing their specific duties.

At reception I mentioned my name and then everything stepped up a gear. After going through further tests and chest X-ray, I waited for a consultation with a doctor - time was 5pm.

While waiting a young trainee NHS employee offered my wife and I sandwiches. 

Quite taken back with surprise I asked if this was a normal routine - oh yes, every day, she said.
At approximately 6pm a doctor came to the waiting area to talk with me.

He explained that all the results from all the tests, including the x-ray have come back and had been analysed. Although nothing too serious was found other than an infection to the lungs, he allowed me to go home with a complete course of antibiotics. 

He also said that he wanted to refer my x-ray to a colleague for further confirmation of what was said to me and that he would telephone on Sunday at midday - well he did telephone me and reassured me that, apart from the infection, there were no other issues with my lungs. 

He also said that the course of antibiotics should clear the problem over the next few days, should any problems emerged, contact Whiteparish Surgery - they now have all your notes. 

I would sincerely like you to print this article to give assurance to anyone who has doubts in any way with the NHS. We have the best care in the world!

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