What a very misleading headline Sam Lowings has submitted via email to you.  The Nadder Centre is not just a leisure centre. 

As a longstanding centre member of 34 years, I am well qualified to comment on this, seeing the centre grow from its first building which opened in 1990. 

The new Nadder Centre which incorporates the old leisure centre, is situated on the same site as the popular open-air swimming pool.  As a community hub it houses a number of organisations, such as:

  • Police Office with 24-hour access
  • Library – the footfall for which has increased considerably since it was in Tisbury High Street, and also has computer access used by students and local residents
  • Pre-school
  • Children’s centre
  • Soft play area
  • Tisbury History Society
  • NHS doctor's services, community nurses, maternity services, GP referral for exercise (it was also recently used by some of the local doctor's surgeries for Covid and flu vaccinations)
  • Office space for hire by local businesses, which is almost full
  • Dedicated disabled access shower area
  • Dance studio/Multi-use room
  • Changing areas
  • Multi-use sports hall
  • Hub for tisbus
  • Various meeting rooms
  • Floodlit tennis courts/netball courts

A number of activities, classes and clubs operate within the centre offering something for everyone from 0 years upwards to senior citizens, such as children’s parties, soft play sessions, holiday activities, after-school activities, karate, taekwondo, badminton, gymnastics, trampolining, tumbling, netball, basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, pilates and yoga.  There are fitness classes every weekday offering a variety for everyone.

It is a great asset to the community, and in the event of a disaster becomes an Emergency Evacuation Centre.  With it being the largest facility in the area, offering showers, toilets etc, it is well placed for this. 

With regards to Sam Lowing's comments about funding for swimming pools, they like most facilities, are very expensive to run, and as for a windfall of council tax for all the people of Tisbury, this would not occur and the money would just be distributed throughout the rest of the county.

This facility is enjoyed by not just Tisbury residents, but also by the surrounding villages.  It is a long-term investment for the health and well-being of the community it serves and enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the year, initiated by the former Wiltshire councillor, Tony Deane – a forward-thinking man.

So Mr Lowings, who I have never seen at the Nadder Centre, why not come and use the facilities?

You could also have tea or coffee at the recently opened Coffee Angels Café in the reception area.  What another great asset this is for the centre.

Malcolm Stevens, 

High View Close,


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