PEOPLE in Salisbury have shared their thoughts about the news that King Charles III has cancer.

As previously reported, The King has been diagnosed with a form of cancer and has begun a schedule of regular treatments, and while he has postponed public duties he “remains wholly positive about his treatment”, Buckingham Palace said.

The diagnosis comes after the 75-year-old monarch was recently admitted to hospital because of an enlarged prostate, although the palace says he does not have prostate cancer.

Salisbury Journal:

Residents of Salisbury have spoken to the Journal, to give their opinions on the news of the King's cancer diagnosis. Some believe that sharing the news might help others in a similar situation to relate to the King.

Graham Collins, 79, who lives in Salisbury, said: "It is very sad, especially after he was already being treated for an enlarged prostate.

"It is brave to announce it, and good as it could help others who are going through the same thing. I wish him all the best."

Salisbury Journal: Graham Collins thinks the King is brave to share the newsGraham Collins thinks the King is brave to share the news (Image: Newsquest)

Sarah Stone, 58, from Salisbury said: "I think it is good of him to tell others, I don't know if brave is the right word but it might help other people to get checked."

Others believe that, as sad as it may be to hear, it is just something that many have to go through, and shouldn't be seen any differently to anyone else in the same situation.

Simon Stone, 61, from Salisbury told the Journal: "It is what it is. He is 75 so it is very much quite normal for older people. We are all going to die of something."

Salisbury Journal: Sarah and Simon Stone shared their thoughtsSarah and Simon Stone shared their thoughts (Image: Newsquest)

Some locals believe that the decision to share the news publically has helped modernise the monarchy.

Julie Wood, 66, who lives in Stockbridge said: "He has done the right thing by telling the public, and is very much keeping up with the times.

"By doing this, he is bringing the monarchy into the 21st Century."

Salisbury Journal: Julie Wood believes sharing the news in the right thing to do in the 21st CenturyJulie Wood believes sharing the news in the right thing to do in the 21st Century (Image: Newsquest)

John Allan, who lives in Salisbury is a veteran soldier. He said: "Being a soldier, I am in support of the King.

"It is sad news, and I know he will have support from others like myself, it is a brave thing to tell the public and I wish him the best."

Salisbury Journal: Veteran John Allan sends his best wishes to the KingVeteran John Allan sends his best wishes to the King (Image: Newsquest)

David Newell, 80, lives in the outskirts of Salisbury. He said: "It is his choice, I don't care too much. Only it is funny that he can get a hospital appointment before other people."

Clive Evans, visiting from Southampton said: "It is what it is. It is sad but it happens to a lot of people."