A Southampton explorer claims to have spotted the 'ghost of a little girl' during an excursion to the abandoned home of a former British MP.

Jayde McKenner said that she was sitting in bed on Tuesday last week, looking through her exploration photos, when one she took in 2020 caught her eye.

Four years ago, Jayde visited an abandoned manor in Salisbury taking many photos of what she found inside.

The manor - which is called Roche Old Court - dates back to the 15th century and is a Grade II listed building, and had been left abandoned for many years when its owner died in 2005.

To the 32-year-old's surprise, in one photo she could just make out the figure of a little girl at the end of a long hallway.

Salisbury Journal: A ghostly figure can be seen at the end of the hall wayThe Lordshill resident said: “The photo I took is the main hallway inside the manor with a door at the end which leads into a large dining hall.

“In the photo, next to the door you can see a small child like figure that looks like a young girl in a nightdress."

She added: "When I saw the photo, I was so freaked out. I thought 'Gosh – maybe ghosts are real' and I was being watched."

She posted the photo on her Facebook page Jayde Explores - and had a similarly spine-tingling response, with many people also seeing the apparition.

“Usually, I'm sceptical about this kind of stuff - so I wanted to share to get some other opinions," she said.

Salisbury Journal: The manor dates back to the 15th Centaury

She added: “People have been telling me they can see a young girl around the age of five in a night gown or dress – I'm so glad others can see it too.”

The house was purchased in 1933 by member of Parliament Horace Trevor-Cox, who lived there until his death in 2005.

When former Conservative MP for the Cheshire constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde died aged 97, the manor was “left back in time to deteriorate", Jayde claimed.

 She said: "The house features a well inside and outside. Upon dropping a stone into the inside well it took a good ten seconds to hit the bottom.

“The house itself has lots of history - dating back so far."

Despite the fact the building had been left in disarray for more than 17 years, in 2022, the property sold for £1,552,000.

Jayde visits many abandoned and forgotten locations and posts photos to her 7,000 Facebook followers.