ANOTHER set of temporary traffic lights have been installed in the city.

The lights, located by the bridge on the A36, Wilton Road, were installed today (Monday, February 19) by National Highways.

The lights are installed in both directions over Skew Bridge, with two-way signals in place for "structure maintenance" and will be in place from Monday, February 19 from 9am to Friday, March, 8 at 3pm.

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The Journal visited the bridge just before 1pm on Monday, February 19, and witnessed traffic trailing back past the nearby petrol station.

The new works are the latest on an ever-growing list of roadworks in Salisbury, with the likes of Castle Road, Devizes Road and the infamous Fisherton Street Gateway Project all undergoing construction and maintenance work.

The Journal has contacted National Highways and SGN for comments on the roadworks.