THESE planning applications were received by Wiltshire Council from February 12 to 18.


PL/2023/11074 - Advertisement Consent. Address: 37 Salisbury Street, Amesbury, Salisbury, SP4 7AW. Proposal: - Replace 1no. projecting signage with new 500mm. Retain existing bracket.. - Replace 1no. grey fascia panel with blue & 1no. Lozenge logo with new 290mm logo height.. - Replace 2no. ATM surrounds and decals with new.. - Replace safety manifestation with new in side elevation.


PL/2024/01433 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: 4, Lovegrove, Acre, Dinton, Salisbury, SP3 5DX. Proposal: Variation of condition 02 of approved Application PL/2023/05437 to allow for internal layout changes and removal of chimney.

PL/2024/01414 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Nissen Hut, Oakley Farm, Dinton, SP3 5EU. Proposal: Conversion of former Nissen Hut to residential dwelling with associated landscaping.


PL/2024/01569 - Householder Application. Address: Oak View, High Post Road, Netton, Salisbury, SP4 6AP. Proposal: Raise the roof of existing eastern 1 1/2 storey section of the building with two storey extension to the rear. Construct side, two storey garage and gym extension with room over incorporating dormers to the rear. (Resubmission of PL/2023/05161).

PL/2024/01496 - Full Planning Permission. Address: The Black Horse Pub, Great Durnford, Salisbury, SP4 6AY. Proposal: Installation of kitchen rooftop plant and associated works.


PL/2024/01212 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Barefoot Barns, Firsdown, Salisbury, SP4 6DT. Proposal: Use of approved temporary rural workers dwelling as a permanent rural workers dwelling and use of enterprise to include alpaca well-being.

Fittleton cum Haxton

PL/2024/01707 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: Holmlea, Fittleton, Salisbury, SP4 9QA. Proposal: Removal of internal wall & minor alterations, insertion of new window.

PL/2024/01490 - Householder Application. Address: Holmlea, Fittleton, Salisbury, SP4 9QA. Proposal: Removal of internal wall & minor alterations, insertion of new window, alterations to existing chimney.

Laverstock & Ford

PL/2024/01413 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: Land West of Westside Close, Old Sarum, Salisbury, SP4 6BX. Proposal: Variation of condition 6 on PL/2021/09567 to allow for phased delivery of construction for the site.

Pitton and Farley

PL/2024/01375 - Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use. Address: Plum Tree Cottage, Church Road, Farley, Salisbury, SP5 1AH. Proposal: Existing use of land as Residential Garden Land, Ancillary to the Enjoyment of the Dwellinghouse.


PL/2024/00847 - Removal or Variation of a Condition. Address: Former garage and Post Office, Morgans Corner, Morgans Vale, Salisbury, SP5 2HE. Proposal: The variation of condition relates to amending the site plan to reposition 2 of the proposed parking spaces on the plot on planning application PL/2023/01995.


PL/2024/01522 - Householder Application. Address: 15 Thompson Close, Harnham, Salisbury, SP2 8QU. Proposal: First floor extension, Garage conversion and associated works.

PL/2024/01426 - Full Planning Permission. Address: 31 Second Floor, Brown Street, Salisbury, SP1 2AS. Proposal: Change of use from office/medical use (Class E) to a 1 bed flat (Class C3).

PL/2024/00653 - Householder Application. Address: 43 Montague Road, Harnham, Salisbury, SP2 8NL. Proposal: Second storey rear extension.


PL/2024/01521 - Householder Application. Address: Blossom Cottage, The Street, Teffont, Salisbury, SP3 5QT. Proposal: Erection of a single storey detached outbuilding comprising a garage workshop and store for purposes ancillary to the use of Blossom Cottage.

PL/2024/01341 - Householder Application. Address: Orchard Cottage, The Street, Teffont, Salisbury, SP3 5QP. Proposal: Demolish flat roof porch, remove external metal stairs, thatch over existing tiled roof, timber clad 1970s blockwork, new oak framed porch, window and door changes.

PL/2024/01291 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Teffont Woodland, Dinton Road, Teffont Magna, Salisbury, SP3 5RR. Proposal: Conversion of Forestry building to tourism accommodation (holiday let).


PL/2024/01416 - Householder Application. Address: Wild Rose Cottage, 115 Chicksgrove Lane, Tisbury, Salisbury, SP3 6LU. Proposal: Single storey rear extension (Resubmission of PL/2023/07277).


PL/2024/01408 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Whites Park Equestrian, Newton Lane, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, SP5 2QQ. Proposal: Change of use from mixed equestrian land to an engineered wetland and associated infrastructure.

Wilsford cum Lake

PL/2024/01321 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Wilsford Stables, Lake, Salisbury, SP4 7BL. Proposal: Change of use from existing storage and stables to new dwelling and change of use of separate store to one bedroom dwelling.


PL/2023/11221 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: 25 West Street, Wilton, Salisbury, SP2 0DL. Proposal: Replacement of 2 crittal kitchen windows with timber effect framed windows.


PL/2024/01690 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/01530 - Householder Application. Address: Box Cottage, Main Road, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Salisbury, SP4 6EH. Proposal: Demolition of an existing single storey lean-to. Single storey rear extension & associated internal alterations. Re-location of existing solar panels.