A CHARITY that helps people to learn to read is joining forces with the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and Salisbury Library to celebrate World Book Day. 

Read Easy South and Esat Wiltshire will be hosting a display at Salisbury Library on the campaign day, March 7, to show that people can learn to read at any age.

Called Spreading the Word, there will be a Read Easy display in the library all day and at 3.30pm in the Lounge area on the first floor there will be short talks by Neil Beagrie of the RSA, community library manager Philip Tomes and Ready Easy team leader Julia West.

Neil, who leads the RSA Salisbury network, said: “Our aims for the day are to raise awareness, to build links with other community organisations and volunteers and to help adults who have difficulty with reading and all the other social challenges that this brings.”

Salisbury Journal: At the Read Easy display in Salisbury Library are, from left: volunteer recruiter Ann Greaves, team

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There will also be an opportunity to ask questions followed by a round table discussion.

Read Easy South and East Wiltshire is a volunteer organisation, affiliated with the national charity Read Easy. It provides free, confidential, one-to-one reading coaching for adults.

The group has 11 people being helped with their reading aged from 25 to 79. It is thought that 11,000 people in the area may need help with their reading.

For 260 years the RSA has been campaigning for social change. From its inception, it has supported new inventions, ideas and education and is committed to a world that is resilient, rebalanced and regenerative, where everyone can fulfil their potential.

The charity is also on the lookout for volunteers - and it needs a reader coach in Tidworth, a social media organiser, an administrator/secretary, a venues organiser and a deputy literacy specialist, a role that is likely to suit someone with a teaching background.

For more information on any of these roles, email sewrecruiter@readeasy.org.uk