The Salisbury Journal published an article online on February 21 with views from Salisbury residents about the plans to build a tunnel at Stonehenge (Salisbury residents on A303 Stonehenge tunnel plans). 

Yes, one did live in Shrewton, but the article said that many people may have misconceptions about the plan.

Perhaps the Salisbury Journal would like to publish an article correcting those misconceptions?

Classic misconception: ‘just dual it’ - this can’t be done as the tunnel is the ONLY plan that English Heritage and the National Trust will agree upon. They want it removed from the landscape, so no ‘line with trees’ to divert it away.

Archaeologists have been involved at every step of the planning and will continue to be involved as the tunnel is built. So MORE archaeology may well be discovered than if the site was left alone.

Perhaps Highways England would like to talk about how and why this plan has been developed?

Highways England has done many local presentations, keeping residents of the affected villages informed about the process. Now let them get on with the job of building the tunnel!

JM McKernan,


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