In the Journal's report covering the Liberal Democrat's attempts to re-introduce free parking for the disabled in Wiltshire Council car parks, two opposing Councillors are quoted as arguing "If you can afford to drive in a fairly nice car, tax and insure it, surely you can pay a little bit towards parking."

This shows a totally false understanding of how and to whom a Blue Badge is awarded.

It does not go to the owner and driver of the vehicle (whether it is "nice" or not) but for the sole use of the person named on the permit and identified by their photograph.

This person may have never owned a car in their life, nor be in any position to afford one!

However, the permit can be used in any vehicle (often that of a relative, friend or kindly neighbour) which takes them on their journey and needs to park in a disabled bay.

I sincerely hope our local councillors for Salisbury, Wilton and surrounding districts prove themselves better informed as to the actual truth of this issue and are not misled by stupid comments such as were mentioned in your article.

Christine Matthews

Shaftesbury Road


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