For anyone hoping for a sunny Sunday in Salisbury, you are going to be disappointed. 

The wet and windy weather is here to stay, with heavy rain forecast by the Met Office for most of the day, February 24.

Wind gusts are expected to hit up to 40mph in the area.

The full forecast reads: "Fog and low cloud slowly clearing to hazy spells of sunshine this morning. Turning cloudier again through the afternoon.

"Persistent rain and strong winds becoming increasingly widespread towards the evening,"

Here's the hour-by-hour forecast. 

This is accurate at the time of writing and is subject to change. 

1pm: Light rain, 27mph wind gusts 

2pm: Heavy rain, 28mph wind gusts

3pm: Heavy rain, 27mph wind gusts

4pm: Heavy rain, 30mph wind gusts

5pm: Heavy rain, 30mph wind gusts

6pm: Heavy rain, 32mph wind gusts

7pm: Heavy rain, 32mph wind gusts

8pm: Heavy rain, 32mph wind gusts

9pm: Heavy rain, 34mph wind gusts

10pm: Heavy rain, 36mph wind gusts

11pm: Light rain, 38mph wind gusts

Monday, February 26

Midnight: Light rain, 37mph wind gusts

1am: Light rain, 38mph wind gusts

2am: Cloud, 38mph wind gusts

3am: Cloud, 38mph wind gusts

4am: Cloud, 39mph wind gusts

5am: Cloud, 39mph wind gusts

6am: Cloud, 40mph wind gusts

7am: Cloud, 39mph wind gusts

8am: Cloud, 39mph wind gusts

9am: Cloud, 38mph wind gusts

10am: Cloud, 39mph wind gusts

11am: Cloud, 40mph wind gusts

Midday: Cloud, 41mph wind gusts