Hundreds gathered at the weekend to mark the second anniversary since Russia invaded Ukraine. 

On Saturday, February 24, people met at Salisbury Methodist Church for prayers before walking to the Market Square. 

They were joined by Salisbury MP John Glen, Councillor Richard Clewer, leader of Wiltshire Council, and Salisbury city councillor Tom Corbin.

Oksana Prokopiv, leader of the Ukrainian Community United, addressed the crowd who were stood with placards around a Ukrainian flag. 

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Salisbury Journal: Hundreds gathered in Salisbury to mark the anniversaryHundreds gathered in Salisbury to mark the anniversary (Image: Salisbury Community Hub / Ukrainian Community United CIC)

She said: "Today Ukrainians are fighting for their right to life and for the future generations.

"Ukraine and Ukrainians are going down this incredibly difficult and painful path, shedding their blood, giving their lives, and this is not just for Ukraine but for democracy and freedom everywhere.

Ms Prokopiv added: "You opened your hearts and homes, enveloped us with warmth and care in the most difficult moments of life, shared our worries and concerns, shared your tasty and cosy family dinners, taught us to eat English breakfast and drink tea with milk.

"We thank each of you and the entire British people for incredible help and support."

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Salisbury Journal: A photographic exhibition was heldA photographic exhibition was held (Image: Salisbury Community Hub / Ukrainian Community United CIC)

MP John Glen added: "It was a great honour on Saturday to join members and supporters of Salisbury’s Ukrainian community to mark the grim anniversary of two years since the Russian invasion.

"Our friends are enriching our community with their presence, and they are profoundly welcome here, but the event movingly reflected everyone’s heartfelt wish for the day to come when it will be safe for them to return home and rebuild their country.

"I am proud that the UK continues to lead the way in global support for Ukraine since Putin’s barbaric invasion. We were the first country to provide modern, Western main battle tanks and long-range precision strike cruise missiles."

Salisbury Journal: Oksana Prokopiv addresses the crowd Oksana Prokopiv addresses the crowd (Image: Salisbury Community Hub / Ukrainian Community United CIC)To mark the anniversary, the group also held a photographic exhibition and screening of 'Carol of the Bells' at Godolphin School which raised funds for charities in Ukraine. 

On Sunday, February 25, they rain three workshops at St Martin's Church as part of the Listening Project where groups enjoyed a day of music, drumming and songs. 

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