Why is this Frome long term resident writing thanks to Salisbury Hospital?  

It turns out that her long term disability has caused her to have a revolving door in and out of hospital, only this time she was diverted to Salisbury instead of her usual one. 

She was  unaware she had once again been blue-lighted into hospital and woke up somewhere different. 

It looked like her usual short stay visit was about to be repeated and she was transferred to another ward fit for discharge. 

Salisbury Journal:

Then she found herself talking to an understanding Doctor Black and one of his colleagues and things suddenly changed for her. 

She saw many heads of departments and they all helped in different ways to find the causes of her infections and other problems and helped her to get better over a much longer stay than she really wanted, but she could understand why it was necessary and really appreciated their hard work on her behalf when she was a bit of an ‘outsider’!  

So it is with much appreciation that she has returned to her family, feeling as if she has had a thorough MOT!  In the early days she felt much trepidation fearing a return to hospital, but she quickly began to enjoy this newfound health and happiness.

Like a lot of families with one or more members with a disability they are coping alone. 

If anyone has information about making the hospital admission process easier she would be pleased to hear from you. 

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