A WILTON record shop will be at the heart of an upcoming comedy film set in Wiltshire.

LSD Records (or £.s.d. Records) in West Street, has been the main filming set for Sleeves, a story following two ageing mods who get together and open a second-hand record shop.

Sleeves is a "massive" opportunity for the shop and everyone else involved, said owner Adrian Martin, who hopes the film will grow from humble beginnings into a cult classic.

Big names in the film industry have shown interest and Adrian said the scriptwriter is constantly making adjustments as Sleeves has blown up to "massive proportions".

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The 58-year-old Wilton resident has been asking his friends to step in as extras in the pub scenes which have been filmed in the Winchester Gate and the Bear Inn.

“It’s like a diary of people I grew up with. I have never been so excited in my life,” he said.

Adrian set up the shop in 1999 as an outlet to sell £3k worth of records he bought during a trip to Pittsburgh, USA, with friend Bob Taylor.

Explaining how he "took a gamble", Adrian said: “Everybody was buying CDs and downloads but we believed in vinyl. We wanted to create a hub.

“The first day went really well, we sold £1k within the first hour. The records in America were not wanted by Americans. Over here a record was £50k and over there it was a tenner."

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Twenty-five years on, the shop has been recognised by news outlets as one of the best independently-owned record destinations in the UK.

Salisbury Journal: LSD Records, in West Street, Wilton.LSD Records, in West Street, Wilton. (Image: Spencer Mulholland)

Adrian owes some of the success to his business model which he prides the shop on.

None of the "good stuff" is hidden behind the counter in a box marked 'eBay', instead, customers can sift through gems, play them and "feel them" in-store.

LSD Records opens Thursday and Friday afternoons and all day Saturday so it has been the ideal filming location, Adrian said.

While he already sees tourists from Japan, Russia and America visiting the shop, he hopes Sleeves will put his business "globally on the map".

The opening scene for Sleeves has been released on YouTube, with further details of the cast to be announced soon, and the film is hoped to release early 2025 with a premier in Salisbury's Everyman.