AN up and coming indie rock band celebrated the release of its first single with a show in Southampton.

Corellian performed live to a packed out Heartbreakers, in Southampton, for the first time since the release of their first single 'She Don't Take Kindly To Others' on Friday, March 8.

The four piece indie rock band, from Salisbury, formed roughly one year ago and has been "getting some tread quite quickly" according to frontman Scott Hutcheon, 27, who said: "This year we're concentrating more on getting out of Salisbury to get noticed more."

“Our first official single just feels right! It's got that professional sound and energy that we bring to our live gigs. We are all very excited that this track sets the tone for the band – like laying down our musical manifesto in a cool, easy-going way," he added.

The near-sell-out event saw band members getting involved with the crowd and welcome punters on stage to celebrate their birthday.

Salisbury Journal: Corellian performed at Heartbreakers.Corellian performed at Heartbreakers. (Image: Corellian)

Jack Card, 25, plays bass for Corellian and said the Salisbury music scene "is not what it used to be" but "not in a bad way".

He added: "Salisbury used to have massive bands but at the moment it's a good local sort of vibe where you've got these acts which cater for the people.

"They want cover music, they want West Country sounding music and they love that."

The band members feel they have been "well looked after" by venues such as the Winchester Gate and Rude Giant as well as individuals like Thom Belk who died last year.

Salisbury Journal: Back: Scott Hutcheon and Jack Card. Front: Ben Lee and Conor McILroy.Back: Scott Hutcheon and Jack Card. Front: Ben Lee and Conor McILroy. (Image: Corellian)

Building a social media presence is massively important for the band, which lead guitarist Conor McILroy, 28, described as "a full time job in its own right".

"We're quite fortunate, we've got a lot of friends who love creating content," he added.

The band emerged after the second Covid lockdown when Conor and Scott would meet up to "jam out".

Drummer Ben Lee, 31, joined the duo in February 2023 shortly before Mr Card.

Conor said: "We all come from very different creative backgrounds when it comes to music.

"So we just gelled and tried to find the sound and over the last year we've been gigging."

Corellian is working on a new single which the band hopes to release later this year.

The band will also be supporting Pronghorn at Salisbury Arts Centre for the first time on Saturday, March 16.