A COUNTRY park in Ashley Heath has plans to introduce an ‘outdoor cinema'.

Forestry England has applied to host outdoor film screenings at Moors Valley Country Park.

A premises licence application submitted to Dorset Council requests the provision of regulated entertainment, covering films, recorded music, and on-sales of alcohol.

The screenings would form part of a Forestry England event programme, which is said to focus on hosting “family oriented” and “seasonal events” at the park.

Although the application requests permission for a programme of outdoor film screenings to be “held throughout the year”, expect for Christmas Day.

The proposed ‘outdoor cinema’ events would be ticketed and would not exceed a capacity of 4,999 people.

Forestry England said the layout of the screenings would “take into consideration the existing facilities” at Moors Valley.

Addressing potential event noise, the applicant said music and sound from the screenings would be “amplified for the benefit of the audience”, but offered assurance that sound levels would be set “so as not to impede on the nearest noise sensitive premises”.

Amplified recorded music would also be played during events for “background and atmospheric purposes”, for example as 'walk in music' for cinema goers.  

In the application, Forestry England listed the steps it would take to promote licensing objectives.

Explaining how it would prevent public nuisance, the government agency said: “Sound levels will be set at pre-determined levels as identified in the noise management plan, and monitored throughout the event.

“Ticket holders and/or staff will be requested to leave the premises quietly at the end of the event and/or shift.

“The event design will take into consideration neighbouring noise sensitive premises.

“Litter picking will take place throughout the event site.”

Forestry England also said residents and businesses would be advised of an event programme in advance and provided with an appropriate on-site contact number for the duration of the event.

History of previous complaints and local feedback is also set to be considered during the event planning process.

The premises licence application is yet to be determined, and it will remain open for publication until Friday, March 29.