THREE weeks of work to build a new cycleway between Amesbury and Larkhill will begin on Monday.

Wiltshire Council is due to start work on a new cycleway from Amesbury to Larkhill that will provide an improved route for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users linking Amesbury town centre with the Ministry of Defence camps at Larkhill.

The Amesbury to Larkhill cycle link has been identified as part of the council’s Wiltshire-wide Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

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The first step in the creation of this cycleway is a crossing facility on Countess Road. The Toucan crossing will initially enable pedestrians to safely cross from the eastern side of Countess Road to access the local rights of way network on the western side of the road and vice versa.

Once the cycleway is built, the crossing facility will enable pedestrians and cyclists to safely and easily travel between Amesbury town centre and Larkhill.

Work on the installation of the Toucan crossing facility will commence once the Traffic Regulation Order consultation has been completed and is scheduled to start on March 18 and last for three weeks.

Countess Road will be closed for three days from March 18 to 20 while this work takes place.

Access to all private driveways on Countess Road will be maintained throughout. This will allow the Council to meet Active Travel England requirements for the funding provision

Councillor Caroline Thomas, Wiltshire Council's cabinet member for transport, said: "Cycling and walking can improve people's physical and mental health, reduce congestion, save money, improve air quality, and help to tackle climate change.

"In our Business Plan, we support the decarbonisation of existing transport and increased use of walking, cycling and wheeling, and this new Amesbury to Larkhill cycleway fits firmly within that goal.

"The aim of the LCWIPs is to encourage more trips to be made on foot or by bike, and help to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and also cut carbon emissions."

To find out more about Wiltshire Council’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and the Amesbury to Larkhill cycleway, people should go to: