A HIGH street shop that sold illegal vapes is still under investigation, the Journal can reveal. 

As previously reported, an investigation by the Journal published on February 6found that two shops in the city were selling illegal vapes.

Both Red Power Shop, in 15 Minster Street, and Grocery and Vape, in 17 Catherine Street, sold illegal vapes to a Journal reporter.

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The illicit 'rechargeable disposable' vapes have capacities of 18ml, which is nine times more than the legal capacity of 2ml.

The 'rechargeable disposable' vapes purchased by a Journal reporter advertise themselves as offering 9,000 puffs when a legal vape would typically allow for just 700.

Now, over a month since the investigation, Wiltshire Council has shared an update with the Journal after inspecting both premises.

Councillorr Nick Holder, cabinet member for public protection, said: "Officers have now visited both Grocery and Vape and Red Power Shop in Salisbury to carry out an inspection.

"At the time of the inspection, no illegal products were found at Grocery and Vape. A number of illegal products were found to be on sale at Red Power Shop, and our officers will now carry out further investigation."

The Council said they cannot say anything further at this stage.

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The findings come after a previous raid on three vape shops in Salisbury seized over 1,000 illegal vapes from two of the stores.

In the Journal's recent investigation, our reporter was asked for proof of age after completing the purchase and requesting a receipt at Grocery and Vape. The reporter purchased a Vimto-flavoured 'RandM Tornado', capable of 9,000 puffs which was taken from under the counter and purchased for £15, three pounds cheaper than what our reporter paid in our previous investigation.

At Red Power Shop, which was one of three shops previously raided by Trading Standards, our reporter purchased another 'RandM Tornado', this time in Strawberry Banana flavour, which again, is capable of 9,000 puffs, for £15.

The illicit vapes in this shop were on full display in a glass cabinet, our reporter chose the one they wanted, and the shopkeeper went out back to get one.

Our reporter was not asked for proof of age.