A COUNCILLOR has been taken to task after he said a Journal reader should be renamed "small balls" if he did not agree to meet him in person following accusations of "objectional behaviour".

Wiltshire councillor Kevin Daley, for Till Valley, recently came under fire for responding to commentors who called him out on behaviour he exhibited at a Salisbury City Council meeting in 2018.

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A heated series of messages unfolded in the comments section of a Journal article about Cllr Daley appealing a planning refusal regarding the fascia sign of his cafe Pickled Frog, in Blue Boar Row.

Reader James Horrocks took issue with Cllr Daley personally. At 7.24pm on Thursday, March 14, he wrote: "Kevin Daley's objectional behaviour as a councillor has already revealed his true character.

"His lack of taste and consideration for the appearance of this building only reinforces what we already know."

Cllr Daley responded at 11.54pm with: "Objectional behaviour! Well, big balls I will see you on Saturday at 12 mid-day on the Guildhall steps where you can explain to me what the behaviour was.

"If you don't turn up I suggest you change your name to Small Balls JamesH. No excuses!"

Mr Horrocks batted back: "I’d accuse you of being a pound shop Lee Anderson, but you’d only take it as a compliment. This is exactly the sort of response I expected though- aggressive, confrontational and clearly thick as mince."

Cllr Daley also said: "This is a personal attack, see you on Saturday small balls."

When questioned on whether Cllr Daley believed his behaviour was appropriate, he said he wished he had not written the comment and that he 'just wants to delete his account'.

Salisbury Journal: Wiltshire councillor Kevin Daley.Wiltshire councillor Kevin Daley. (Image: Spencer Mulholland)

Cllr Daley told the Journal he did not appreciate being called "thick as mince" and likened to a "Pound Shop Lee Anderson", adding: "This guy is there to attack me right from the off, he’s not even commenting on the planning application or anything to do with the story.

"I do apologise if he thinks I’m being aggressive but bearing in mind my age and the location I’ve said I wanted him to have the balls to tell me face to face why he thinks my behaviour is objectionable.

“I don’t expect to get abused online by someone who obviously won’t say it to my face. I’m quite happy to apologise if he thought I was going to challenge him to a fight."

Mr Horrocks said he has raised a complaint about Cllr Daley's conduct to Wiltshire Council.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Council said it would not be appropriate to comment on Cllr Daley's actions as he was acting as a private individual.

Rupert Stephenson, chairman of the East Wiltshire Conservatives, said: “The EWCA has no comment as this is a private matter. “