GIFFORDS Circus' comedy legend Tweedy the Clown is bringing his own solo show, 'Tweedy's Massive Circus', promising "an escapism of fun and laughter" in Salisbury.

The much-loved star of Giffords Circus for over 15 years is taking some time out to start his own circus show with his friends in their own ‘little’ big top.

Tweedy's Massive Circus will take place at Bake Farm in Coombe Bissett between Thursday, June 20 and Sunday, June 30.

Speaking to the Journal, Tweedy said: "Tweedy's Massive Circus is actually tiny because the tent shrunk because being clowns, everything's gone wrong with getting the show together.

Salisbury Journal: Tweedy's Massive Circus is coming to SalisburyTweedy's Massive Circus is coming to Salisbury (Image: Craig Sugden)

"So much so that the acts haven't shown up, so I'm having to use a technician and various other people, there's only a cast of four in the actual show.

"So are we going to manage to pull it off? That is the question.

"I promise it will be lots It'll be fun. It will bring the family together. There'll be something for the kids, something for Mom and Dad, something for Grandma and Grandad. So bring the whole family along to have an escapism of fun and laughter for the afternoon."

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Tweedy has performed at Giffords Circus for more than sixteen years, bringing new comic routines and skills to the show each year. Now he has decided it’s time to delight audiences with his very own show.

He possesses expertise in traditional circus abilities, coupled with his skills playing multiple musical instruments. In January 2023, Tweedy was named in the King’s New Year Honours List for his services to Circus and local community, he was awarded a BEM, British Empire Medal.

Tweedy discussed the resurgence of clowns in popular culture in recent times. He told the Journal: "Clowns are becoming quite fashionable now because, well, Viggo Venn just won Britain's Got Talent for one. So they are popping up, but not in the traditional sense [with] the big red nose and big makeup and things like that. They are more just these characters like Viggo Venn.

"Horror movies like it put the end to that big, grotesque style, and that came out of Circuses in In the old days, they were so big and the lighting wasn't very good. So to be seen from a great distance, they painted their faces huge to amplify the faces, which up close looked very scary.

Discussing how he became a clown, Tweedy said: "It was over 30 years ago, I decided I wanted to be a clown, and there was no internet then. So now it's very easy. You Google, How do I become a clown and that's it.

"I didn't really know where to start. I made a questionnaire just as personal research and I sent it to circuses and anyone that I could address, that I could find of a clown. I got one back saying, The best way to learn is joining a circus, and offered me a job doing promotional clown, which was doing school shows, hospital visits, things like that.

"In my first week, the main clown got stuck in traffic and there was nobody else to do it. In true clown fashion, I said 'yes, I could do it.' Then I got offered a job in the circus ring off the back of that and just learnt by doing it."

Readers can find out more about Tweedy's Massive Circus by clicking here.