THESE four people have been fined in court after they were caught speeding.

Harley James Robert Bevis, 18, of Carpenter Drive in Amesbury, broke the 30-miles-per-hour speed limit on The Avenue, Wilton, on November 23, 2023.

A police officer caught Bevis speeding on a Yamaha motorcycle.

He was fined £233 and six penalty points were added to his driving record.

Salisbury Magistrates' Court also ordered him to pay £85 costs as well as a £93 surcharge on March 19.

Feona Joy Espinosa Ledesma, 20, of Wilton Road, was caught speeding twice during a span of just over a week.

Automatic cameras clocked her going 64 mph in a temporary 50-limit section of the M4 junction 20 to 19 eastbound on August 1.

For this offence she was fined £115 and had to pay further costs of £96. Three points were added to her licence.

Eight days later, on August 9, a police officer caught Ledesma driving at 29 mph on Cranbrook Road, Redland.

Bath Magistrates' Court fined her £116 and ordered her to pay a further £96 costs. Three more points were endorsed.

Ledesma pleaded guilty to both charges of speeding and was sentenced through a single justice procedure on March 11.

Gerry Brame, 60, of Devizes, broke the 20 mph speed limit on Hindon Lane, Tisbury, two times in two weeks.

Brame pleaded guilty to speeding in a Volkswagen Golf on July 25 and August 7, 2023.

He was fined a total of £400 and ordered to pay £90 costs and a £160 surcharge at Swindon Magistrates' Court on March 19. Six points were added to his driving record.

Leslie Jordan, of Cranleigh Close in Bromley, was caught speeding along the A36 at South Newton in a Mercedes Sprinter on April 20, 2023.

The 64-year-old dodged a totting disqualification because of his mitigating circumstances.

He told the Swindon Magistrates' Court that he would be out of a job and unable to support his partner if he lost his licence.

Magistrates fined Jordan £115 and ordered him to pay £90 costs and a £46 surcharge. Three points were added to his record on March 19.