A FIRE crew rushed to an empty house following a tip off from a neighbour who heard the smoke alarm sounding.

Firefighters from Salisbury Fire Station burst through the doors of a property in Devizes Road on Saturday evening, March 23.

The owners of the house were out and the crew found a towel had been left on the hob and caught fire.

A spokesperson for Salisbury Fire Station said: "This quick action by the neighbours after hearing the smoke alarm undoubtedly prevented the kitchen from being fully destroyed by fire.

"Without this working smoke alarm the fire would have been able to develop undetected and some time before the fire would have been seen."

Salisbury Journal: One fire engine was spotted outside the house.One fire engine was spotted outside the house. (Image: Salisbury Fire Station)

The fire service has urged people to check they have a working smoke alarm, warning the consequence of not having one could cost them their lives.

For more information about smoke alarms visit dwfire.org.uk/safety/safety-at-home/smoke-alarms.