I read the article in last week's Journal about the Tories having been the dominant party in Salisbury for a hundred years with interest, why does Salisbury stay blue when so many have changed recently?

It's not as if the Conservative party has been stable having lost count of leadership changes! They seem incapable of gripping the Utility and fuel companies in keeping bills at least reasonable.

It's become a very expected result year in, year out, surely it's time to freshen things up Salisbury!?

My second point is voting turnout, we all have our right to vote, there are many ways to vote so I fail to see why people do not vote, surely the percentages at a General election should be up in the 80's?

I'm not against John Glen but is it good for Salisbury that he and the Tories sit so comfortably in our city?


Richard Mogg,

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