A WOMAN has celebrated her 100th birthday in style, with alpacas, dancing and plenty of champagne.

Marjorie is a resident at Cedars Care Home in Landford, Salisbury.

She celebrated her landmark birthday with family, staff and fellow residents at the care home, in a day full of  fabulous treats and her favourite things.

Salisbury Journal: Marjorie celebrated her birthday with a visited from two alpacasMarjorie celebrated her birthday with a visited from two alpacas (Image: Cedars Care Home)

In her younger years, Marjorie always loved ballroom dancing, so the staff at Cedars Care Home put out a request on Facebook to find some talented dancers to come and put of a show for Majorie as part of her birthday celebrations.

Everyone at the home was delighted when a lovely local couple responded to the request and performed many different styles of dance for Marjorie and her fellow residents before jetting off to Dublin the next day and winning the Irish Open.

Salisbury Journal: Marjorie celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by familyMarjorie celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family (Image: Cedars Care Home)

Marjorie has also loved alpacas for a long time, so the care home's activities team arranged for Rufus and Caramac, two adorable alpacas from Landford, to come and visit her to wish her Happy Birthday. They proved to be a huge success with not only Marjorie but all of her fellow residents.

A Brownies’ leader for many years, Marjorie was instrumental in setting up the pack in her local village.

The current leaders of that troop came with video messages, a basket of paper flowers, a card and presents from the Brownies, much to Marjorie's delight.

Salisbury Journal: Marjorie blows out her candlesMarjorie blows out her candles (Image: Cedars Care Home)

The local Landford Brownies who visit Marjorie frequently also made her a card and cupcakes.

The pièce de la résistance was a fabulous party thrown by the care home which was attended by lots of her family members, including a great-great-great-grandchild.

Head chef, Dave, made a beautiful cake and everyone celebrated with a glass of fizz while Marjorie opened all of her cards and presents.

Marjorie was very touched when all in attendance sang Happy Birthday and ‘For she’s a jolly good fellow'.

Marjorie said: "I have been absolutely overwhelmed by all of the wonderful touches and the lovely tributes I have received, I am so blessed.

"It was fabulous to have so many of my favourite things for my birthday – ballroom dancing, champagne and alpacas – not many people can say they had all that.

"I have been thoroughly spoiled."