COMEDIAN and Mock the Week star Alasdair Beckett-King is taking his sell out show 'Nevermore' on the road and he will be stopping in Salisbury.

He will be visiting The Salisbury Arts Centre on Saturday, April 13 and has said he is excited to perform.

He said: I can’t wait to take my tour to Salisbury and have a look at Old Sarum. I love it when cities are next to A big Roman lump with half a castle on top, and Old Sarum looks lumpier than most.

"The only trouble is, I can’t walk around sites of historical interest without being mistaken for the ghost of a Viking, or one of the archaeologists off Time Team."

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Salisbury Journal: Alasdair Beckett-King is coming to Basingstoke

Nevermore is, on paper, a diatribe against The North Sea. In reality, it is a silly, faintly mystical yet real comedy show with ridiculous jokes.

Sea levels have been rising Alasdair’s whole life. But for the first 16 years he was getting taller, so he didn’t notice. Now 6"2, Alasdair Beckett-King is the only comedian brave enough to speak out against The North Sea.

Nevermore is more than an anti-sea diatribe. As a 500 year old man ABK is uniquely poised to draw parallels between the history of the ever- shrinking British Isles, and his own childhood in the swinging 1990s. The multi award- winning stand-up comedian unravels some of life's shallowest mysteries.

Out of the swirling maelstrom he steps, his sword of jokes, his shield of mischief and his armour made of a third amusing thing. The show that many people are calling 'Nevermore' is an island in a sea of existential terror and entirely justified fears. It is silly, faintly mystical and does not (at the time of going to press) feature any ravens. It is also a real show with jokes and everything.

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Alasdair Beckett-King won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year in 2017 and garnered a very enthusiastic critical response plus Amused Moose Comedy Award nomination with his debut Edinburgh show of the same year. Alongside his TV appearances and YouTube fame, he has featured on BBC radio as a comedian and sketch writer and performed stand-up across the UK, at Glastonbury, Citadel Fest, the Udderbelly Southbank and the Fringe.

He added: "I will be happy if my show speaks to just one person. I’ll be happy if just one person comes away thinking, “I am going to become ABK's mysterious benefactor. I shall make a gentleman of this young fellow.” If that happens, from a financial perspective, it will all have been worth it."

He once won a student RTS award and was nominated for a Student Oscar, but quit filmmaking for stand-up on realising it was a cheaper medium to be unsuccessful in.

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