A NUMBER of cafés, pubs, restaurants and takeaways across Wiltshire have been handed new food hygiene ratings recently.

Each week, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspects businesses across the country, assessing hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management.

Across the UK, every food outlet including convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals and care homes are given a hygiene rating.

What each hygiene rating means:

0 - Urgent improvement necessary

1 - Major improvement necessary

2 - Some improvement necessary

3 - Hygiene standards generally satisfactory

4 - Hygiene standards good

5 - Hygiene standards very good

Here is a round-up of scores given by the FSA in March:

n Rated 5: Cote Brasserie at 8 St Thomas Square, Salisbury, Wiltshire; rated on March 25

n Rated 5: Outburst at Unit 5, Milford Industrial Estate, Blakey Road, Salisbury; rated on March 19

n Rated 5: Toby Carvery Amesbury, Solstice RP at Toby Carvery, Mid Summer Place, Amesbury, Salisbury; rated on March 18

n Rated 5: SP's Longhedge Kebab Junction at 2 Rhodes-Moorhouse Way, Longhedge, Salisbury, Wiltshire; rated on March 20