I'd like to offer an opinion on the A360 closure.

As I understand, the power cables are to be run overhead? So why not simply have temporary traffic lights at the sections they are working on?

It seem absolutely crazy to close such an arterial route that is clearly already negatively affecting the alternative routes, imagine when the schools go back?

How is closing the A360 for miles beneficial to the project while protecting the best interests of the rest of us?

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Also, as nothing anyone says will change the minds of the lunatics who decided to close it, could they do us a favour and fill the dangerous potholes at the side of the road while it's not in use? Make the most of the fact it's closed instead of reopening and then having to close sections again at a later date?

As a taxi driver, I'm well aware of the issues this is going to cause, the additional travel times and air pollution generated from vehicles stuck in the traffic. It blows my mind how poorly planned and considered this has been.

I've always been a supporter of the tunnel project as a concept but it must be undertaken with the least possible disruption to people trying to simply live while it's being completed which, let's face it, we all know the works will over run and cost more than quoted but it's just going to make life on the road hell probably until August and perhaps even beyond.

If Salisbury Journal could possible publish some public opinion on the subject, maybe brushing the topic of alternatives and why a nuclear option was taken rather than less disruptive measures.

Mr Richard O'Sullivan,

Address supplied.

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