THE daughter of a man who died after being stabbed and falling off a wall said she is "saddened" by the lack of a police investigation.

Jeffrey Nellis, 64, shall be remembered as a "Salisbury legend" following his death on September 10, 2021.

Described as "kind, caring and gentle", the father-of-four enjoyed early retirement from his role as manager at Nicholas & Harris and made friends everywhere he went.

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Daughter Emma Nellis said the outpouring of support and sorrow felt by the people of Salisbury following her father's death has been "truly overwhelming".

Five days before Mr Nellis died at Southampton General Hospital, emergency services rushed to his home in Hawksridge following a report that he had stabbed himself.

His wife Bridget told the 999 operator her husband had fallen on a knife.

Salisbury Journal: Jeffrey Nellis with daughter Emma.Jeffrey Nellis with daughter Emma. (Image: Emma Nellis)

As an ambulance pulled up outside, Mr Nellis launched off a three-metre-high wall outside his front door, causing fatal injuries.

When asked about the location of the knife he allegedly used to stab himself, Mr Nellis said that he had "thrown it away". Police searched nearby and found a rusty butter knife in a recycling bin, which was seized.

On September 17,  Mr Nellis' brother told Miss Nellis that her stepmother Bridget believed another knife was on the roof.

Miss Nellis found a seven-inch carbon fibre knife in the gutter, which she recognised as part of a set her father owned, and reported it to the police who subsequently collected it.

No arrests were made and detective sergeant Johnathon Davies Bateman did not take the knife in for forensic examination because he was "not dealing with a criminal investigation".

Area coroner Ian Singleton was unable to determine how or why Mr Nellis came to fall off the wall at Wiltshire and Swindon Coroners' Court on Thursday, March 28.

Salisbury Journal: Jeffrey Nellis died in 2021.Jeffrey Nellis died in 2021. (Image: Emma Nellis)

How Mr Nellis came by his death was recorded as a narrative conclusion rather than suicide or accidental, something Miss Nellis said the family had hoped for.

Area coroner Ian Singleton recorded the cause of death as a hypoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest and polytrauma at Wiltshire and Swindon Coroners Court on Thursday, March 28.

Mr Singleton could not determine why Mr Nellis was on the wall and why he "launched off".

Miss Nellis told the Journal: "What is unclear is the reason why he climbed on the wall and how he came to fall. I just don't know why Jeffrey came to depart from the wall," he said.

"The conclusion of the inquest was the outcome my siblings and I were pushing for and we’re content with the coroner's decision although saddened by the lack of investigation by police.

"I want people to remember Dad for Dad not the incident that took place that night. That is not his legacy, his legacy will be his happy go lucky, cheeky chappy, jack the lad and helpful smiley self."

Mr Nellis was adored by his children Wayne, Gavin, Aaron and Emma, as well as 16 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

"Dad is loved and missed beyond words and we’ll endeavour to make sure he is never forgotten and our memories of him passed on," said Miss Nellis.