AN ACTRESS is performing in her fourth show in Salisbury, which she said promises to be "A proper old-school play, peppered in with 80s-inspired dance moves and singing."

Rebecca Cooper is taking on the role of Hannah Llewellyn, the hardworking  'Swiss army wife' of Dafydd, who begins to enjoy life a lot more after joining an amateur dramatics group, in the Salisbury Playhouse's new show: A Chorus of Disapproval.

"We've stepped up a decade from last year's 70s-inspired 'How The Other Half Loves', it's quite a journey. Funny with pathos," says Rebecca, who is known for television roles in Being Human and Birds of a Feather.

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"I'm playing Hannah Llewellyn, who is married to Dafydd - who is Welsh. We've got two kids together. I'm from Middlesex, Dafydd and everything else is Welsh so that seems to be taking a bit of strain on the relationship."

Without giving too much away, Rebecca gave a brief overview of what readers can expect to see from Hannah.

"We're members of PALOS, which stands for Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society, and Dafydd is directing the 'Beggar's Opera' in which I play Polly Peachum - it's a play within a play.

"Hannah is mainly a hardworking mum and housewife, who keeps everything going, Dafydd calls her his 'Swiss army wife'.

"She does also enjoy a good show, she puts her all into PALOS and we meet her at a time where, I think, probably she's just starting to think there is more to life than just house drudgery."

Rebecca spoke about the challenges faced with this unique concept, and how she and fellow cast members are adapting their performances.

"It's weird playing a character who is playing a character and we're still finding it in rehearsal. I suppose, it certainly makes it easier to act, as Hannah is in PALOS - you don't have to worry too much about subtle hints - I'm not scared for Hannah to go big and bold. It's great fun though."

Salisbury Journal: The cast rehearsingThe cast rehearsing (Image: Ash Mills)

Rebecca told the Journal how different her return to the Playhouse has been, with a cast that has more than doubled in size.

"When I was here before, there were six of us, but now with A Chorus of Disapproval, the cast has grown to about 13.

"Everyone is super lovely, Gareth is really good at casting, and part of the fun of being an actor is meeting new people and building new relationships.

"We've got songs to learn, dances to learn, staging to choreograph and above it all the character's journey to learn. It keeps you busy."

Salisbury Journal: Rebecca CooperRebecca Cooper (Image: Contributed)

Rebecca is very much looking forward to the show, and seeing familiar faces.

"It will be lovely to see returning people again, this is my fourth Salisbury Playhouse show and I really love these audiences. 

"It's a proper old school play, there's lots of words, lots of action, loads of relationships and plot points peppered in with 80s-inspired beggars opera dance moves and singing."

A Chorus of Disapproval is being performed at the Salisbury Playhouse between Thursday, April 25, and Saturday, May 8.

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