A "SAT nav-induced plague" caused by the closure of the A360 has been wreaking havoc in a village just outside Salisbury. 

Since April 2, extra cars and lorries have been driving through the Woodford Valley, with Middle Woodford in particular feeling the effects. 

One traffic jam last week was so bad that a driver got out of his car and urinated on a parish councillor's fence. 

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Some residents have also had to leave their cars at a nearby playing field and walk home because the road has been blocked by diverted traffic.

Salisbury Journal: Residents have left their cars parked at a playing field and wlaked home when traffic has been busyResidents have left their cars parked at a playing field and wlaked home when traffic has been busy (Image: Newsquest)

Rae Owen, Woodford Valley Parish Clerk, told the Journal that Middle Woodford "is not coping too well".

Mr Owen said that many road users are ignoring signage and going through roads which are blocked off to non-residents, "A 'Road Closed Access Only' sign at the junction of the Wishford Road and the C42 in Middle Woodford is ignored and indeed regularly thrown to one side of the road.

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"There have been several solid traffic jams at this point (the road is virtually single-track by the houses) which nearby residents have to sort out themselves as the Wiltshire Police say it is not theirs but a Highways problem.

He added that because of the extra traffic, "People's boundaries are being damaged, and residents returning to their homes park their cars in the playing field car park and walk home."

Councillor Ted Mustard moved to Middle Woodford in 1985.

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He told the Journal: "For some reason on the first morning, April 2, the traffic was about one and a half times the normal volume. Then, until midday on Friday, April 5, it was eerily quiet.

Salisbury Journal: A360 ClosureA360 Closure (Image: Newsquest)

"After lunch on Friday, following a breakdown of an HGV on the eastbound carriageway of the A303 near Wylye, a Sat Nav-induced plague descended on the valley roads.

"The Wishford Road is narrow where it passes through the village and jams can be caused whenever any HGVs or large agricultural vehicles use the road. Faced with the volume of diverting A303 traffic gridlock ensues. (A surprise development during Friday's jam was a driver parking in my passing place and then urinating on my fence). 

"There are narrow stretches at Upper Woodford (caused by locals parking on the road) and at Lake. Although not a valley road, the A345 (a signed diversionary route) is much busier and Amesbury jams to gridlock very easily." 

Salisbury Journal:  Cllr Ted Mustard Cllr Ted Mustard (Image: Cllr Ted Mustard)

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The A360 is closed because works are needed to supply electricity for National Highways’ planned A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down upgrade past Stonehenge.

Cllr Mustard said this is a "ludicrously expensive plan which will scar the landscape permanently". 

He added: "I suspect the cost of the tunnel will overrun hugely just like those of HS2 because of the UK's current inability to manage projects."

Salisbury Journal: This sign is regularly moved by road usersThis sign is regularly moved by road users (Image: Newsquest)

The Journal spoke with residents of Middle Woodford.

Mary, who has lived in the village for more than 50 years, said: "When people behave, the traffic is okay, but when they don't it's not, to put it bluntly.

"We recently had a real humdinger of a hold-up, I couldn't get out of my house. But since then, it's been okay.

"The real problem is people keep moving the signs to get through. I heard people dragging the sign from the middle of the road, into a hedge at night. The people in charge are not keeping up, they seem to have abandoned it."