NEXT Wednesday (April 17) Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee will vote on the application for an Asda supermarket, drive-through coffee shop and petrol garage on London Road.

Despite requests that this highly controversial matter be considered in Salisbury, the committee will meet in Trowbridge. Why does that not surprise me?

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Especially since the members are being recommended, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State, to approve it.

Salisbury City Council has objected to this development on the grounds that another petrol station is not needed so close to the M&S garage, construction will lead to a significant loss of biodiversity and threaten a colony of rare orchids, increase rat-running through Ford, create road safety problems on London Road itself and cause noise and light disturbance to nearby residents.

I’d like to say it’s worth travelling to the meeting to restate those points, but experience teaches me that it’s not.

Annie Riddle

City councillor for Harnham West, vice chair of Salisbury City Council planning committee

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