Could these be the safest streets in Salisbury?

74 residents from two streets in Salisbury have completed CPR and Defibrillator training after recently installing their own device in Wellington Way.

It was organised by David Connett and Spencer Mulholland, who both live on the road, and wanted to make their community as safe as possible. 

Lead trainer from Winterbury Training, Carolyn Port, donated her time and skill for free after being approached by the residents as she is committed to passing on the life savings skills to as many people as possible.

Salisbury Journal: The debrillator in Wellington WayThe debrillator in Wellington Way (Image: Spencer Mulholland)

The classes were held over three sessions in the Community Space at Tesco, Southampton Road after the community came together when a 50/50 grant was obtained through London Hearts and the Department for Health and Social Care (£750) and then funded the remainder themselves (also £750).

Each house on Wellington Way donated £20 each after letters were put through their front doors.

David and Spencer are keen to assist any other communities that wish to pursue installation of a defibrillator into their street.

For more information on how you might be able to do this, or how to apply for a grant, email