Thinking about Martin Fields' latest column about his concerns with the NHS, I thought I would share my recent experiences.

I recently fell over and had to go to hospital. It was about 9pm on a Sunday evening. I was met at A&E reception and went for triage. They suspected a broken arm and I went to see a consultant who confirmed that assessment and sent me for X-ray.

The consultant looked at the results and sent me to have a plaster cast fitted. He then discharged me with a prescription and a note for my doctor.

I left the building at 10.15pm, the whole process having taken less than 1.5 hours! Oh yes, I forgot to say, I was in Spain!

Back in the UK I went to my GP to register what had happened and asked for a referral to the fracture clinic. One week later, I have still not heard anything more, but expect to receive an appointment any time soon, probably by 2nd Class post. 

Something is broken, and not just my arm!

Andy Campbell

Folkestone Road



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